One Year and Counting!

Posted on July 25, 2013 by Rachel Robichaud | 0 Comments

As I look back on this past year I am consumed with mixed emotions. Why didn't someone warn me that owning your own business would be so hard! It's been a true roller coaster ride but one that I wouldn't change for the world. Embarking on this adventure has been a dream of mine for years. When I sit in my store at night and the customers are all gone, I look around and feel grateful that I get to wake up everyday and do it all over again.


When the landlord handed me those keys my life changed forever. I felt as though I'd given birth to a third child. It has taken the help of family and friends to make this machine work. I have felt so much support over the past year. It's the little things where I feel the love. The friends that show up to every event, the ones who bring me lunch and sit with me when its slow, my friend that comes to help me clean my back room when it's obvious I need a little help in that department. It's the employees that have stuck it out with me throughout the year even when I had no clue what I was doing.



I look forward to this next year and my goal is to eventually grow, but for now, I am very comfortable in my little 900 square foot shop. More than anything, I've learned the importance of shopping local. It's the little shops like mine that contribute to a community's grow and prosperity. Here's to many more years to come!


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