Vintage Spotlight: Patti Smith West

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It’s no secret that Portland has more than it’s share of excellent vintage stores. In fact, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all these treasure troves that the city has to offer. That’s why at Bridge City we’ve decided to help you out with our new Vintage Spotlight series. Each week on the blog we’ll feature one of our favorite vintage shops around town. First up on the list: Patti Smith West.

Located on NE 42nd Ave off of Beech Street, this local gem carries a wide variety of goods ranging from unique and eclectic home goods, knick-knacks, linens and artwork, to some truly beautiful clothing, accessories, lots and lots of jewelry, and even some mint condition collectable comic books. Owner Patti Smith has been in the resale business for over 30 years, and set up shop at this location in April 2011. With a constantly evolving selection of one-of-a-kind finds, the store never fails to surprise and have you coming back for more.

Check out some of the goods currently in the store:








Also, don’t forget to stop by Bridge City to snap up some of our own vintage finds, like this adorable ceramic deer:


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